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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron: SaveGame (Completed all levels)

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    Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron

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Game files - Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron

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554 downloads and not one message of gratitude?  I was looking around for something to help me out and this did just the trick.  It's my son's save game, he's 9 and is autistic.  For 7 long years from when he was born, (well, 5 weeks after he was in reality. He contracted meningitis at 5 weeks old. If we'd have waited another 30 minutes to take him to the Dr's and to be very swiftly referred to a children's hospital, to be expected as he was too weak to cry and was grey.....literally! I've never seen a human that's alive be that colour before. I'm man enough to admit that it scared the absolute dookie out of me, especially when the specialist said 30 minutes more and we'd have taken a corpse into the ward......and the autism was a little present that it left behind, just hidden enough until he got a bit older and started being "different", God, I despise describing it like that, but it's what it is, so....), yeah, thanks for that nature, you tw@!!.  Anyways, back on topic.......the save file.

 It doesn't say who uploaded it, so I don't know who to thank and I would like to thank them personally as my son's save files, seemingly each time he starts the game, "Damaged Save Files. Start again"......I don't know if you're familiar with autism and I don't mean the sensationalised version they usually televise to us.  The reality is, if anything....ANYTHING.....regarding what they're passionate about is out of place.....or lost......Well, Dante was wrong, there's an extra circle of Hell and it's usually sat on my PC whooping "hardcore" gamers at Awesomenauts lol I wonder how they'd react if they knew it was a 9 year old that had just obliterated them...?.........Back on the original sentence, (sorry about that, I#m tired and I ramble when I'm tired).  Where was I?.....Oh, yes, 7 years, there was nothing to bond over.  He had no interest in anything and I'm disabled and right now recovering from a stroke, so running around is out of the question.  I'm also big enough to say that I cried myself to sleep on more than one occasion, thinking of never getting that bond with my only son.

 Then.......he saw me on Broforce, asked for a quick go and.....616 hours of Broforce, 140 hours of Awesomenauts, (and not to mention every Transformers game over and over), later.....We have that bond that was missing!!  This save file has saved us a lot of aggravation.  I#d like to know who posted it, if at all possible?  Hopefully someone will let me know.  You can reach me on Steam, same username, (PhantomTa2), and I'll respond as soon as I can do.

 In case he's modest and doesn't want a fuss about it; Thank you, really, I really do mean that and I very much appreciate you posting these files.  Regardless of whether you get in touch or not, I wish you a great day ahead of you and please know that I'm truly, truly grateful for it.

Kind regards

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