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Middle-earth: Shadow of War: Save Game (The game done 100%, 51 check points)

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    Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

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    After downloading .zips file rename the file to .zip
    and open it with any compression program


01 Act I The Siege Of Minas Ithil
02 Shadows of the Past
03 The Seeing Stone
04 Knife in the Dark
05 No Man's Land
06 Traitor's Gate
07 The Arena
08 Before Dawn
09 The Fall
10 Act II Rise To Power
11 Voilent Nature
12 The Etten
13 Conquest
14 The Fight Pits
15 Allies
16 Blood Sport
17 The Uninvited
18 The Wages of War
19 Capture Darz Ghurum
20 The Tower of Sorcery
21 The Scourge
22 Fist and Fury
23 To Gorgoroth
24 Gravewalkers
25 Carnans Bane
26 The Frozen Flame
27 A Stench on the Wind
28 The Best Defense
29 Damaged
30 Missing
31 The Archers of Morgoth
32 Fight Pits - Maggot
33 The Poisoned Road
34 A Sighting
35 Worse than Death
36 Capture Ghosghar
37 Of Ghuls and Grogs
38 The burning Forest
39 Fire from Ice
40 Army of the Dead
41 The Bright Lord
42 The Bright Lord 2
43 The Bright Lord 3 Final Boss Battle
44 The Witch Kings Vision
46 The Siege of Darz Ghurums
47 The Chosen
48 The Three Towers
49 The Ritual
50 Reversal of Fortune
51 All Story Mission Completed

To install:

1. Select your save from \Saves\ folder
2. Copy 1c2ce90c_ShadowOfWar.sav to c:\Users\[UserName]\Documents\WB Games\Shadow of War\
3. Open \x64\steam_emu.ini (in Notepad) and change if need "Language="

Author: Pupsik 3D

Game files - Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

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Oh and btw these save files dont work to me... help
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Is there a save file that really doesnt have to have everything except ACT 3 ??? Please i dont want to continue that much i want to stick with Celebrimbor and with the normal Talion!! If you would do this then i would be very grateful!!
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